Why Acton Foundation?


You have a choice. Undoubtedly, you could become an extraordinary case teacher all on your own. You could learn to navigate the halls of academia, read tons of books about the Socratic method and develop and publish your own world-class course. But for most of us, time is an issue.

That is why the Acton Foundation developed a program that incorporates twenty years of experience in transforming successful entrepreneurs into masters of the Socratic method. We deliver the training, tools and curricula that will make you a much better teacher, far more quickly.



  • Start by "telling your story." Then find that there are many more meetings or classes to go.
  • Lecture from a book until you bore even yourself.
  • Finally discover that the Socratic method is a much better way for you and other students to learn.
  • Collect dozens of syllabi from around the country to see how others have tried to teach entrepreneurship.
  • Read literally thousands of case excerpts and hundreds of cases from Harvard, Darden and Stanford.
  • Select two dozen cases or find an online learning program. Learn through a few years of trial and error which cases work and the order in which to sequence them.
  • Begin to write your own notes and frameworks. Develop contracts to clarify expectations with your students.


  • Let the Acton Foundation provide a step-by-step approach to becoming an excellent Socratic teacher or mentor, including essential preparatory readings, online video examples, our Guide to Transformative Case Teaching
  • Start with one of four online courses through our My Entrepreneurial Journey system — Customers, Operations, Cash & Valuation or the Entrepreneur’s Bootcamp, courses that have been battle test at the award-winning Acton School of Business.
  • Use our student-teacher contracts and grading system to set a clear learning contract with extremely high expectations, helping you get off to a strong start.
Eddie Edwards
“My experience with MyEJ.org was tremendous. The Entrepreneur’s Bootcamp course was easy to facilitate and provided an incredible learning opportunity for my students.”

Nancy Kucinski,
Dean of Graduate Studies, Hardin-Simmons University