The rewards of teaching require serious investments of time and energy, but the return on investment is incalculable. Unlike any business venture, becoming an Acton teacher allows successful, principled entrepreneurs to leave a lasting legacy by educating and inspiring a new generation of entrepreneurs.


Acton's courses are designed for use in a variety of settings. All you have to do is put in the time required to prepare and lead a case discussion. Whether you want to teach employees in your corporation, aspiring entrepreneurs in your community or undergraduate or graduate level students at your local college or university, the Acton Foundation will be your partner. Get started now on your teacher training and take the Socratic Guide Quiz.


The Acton Foundation selection and training process consists of four phases.

Phase 1: Committing to the Socratic method & Case-Discussion Leadership

Explore the Socratic Method - its importance to students and the commitment it requires of teachers - and Acton's teacher training program and approach in detail.

Phase 2: Learning the Socratic method

Dive deep into learning the art of discussion leadership by reading books and materials about the Socratic method. Observe a class at the Acton School of Business, where the Acton Foundation curriculum is used exclusively, to see the Socratic method in action.

Phase 3: Learning to Prepare a Case

Prepare and submit all aspects of a practice case from the curriculum for review by an Acton Foundation Master Teacher. You will have access to our Master Teacher File (MTF) site, which will assist you in preparing a case and teach you how to utilize the resources available to you.

Phase 4: Preparing for the Classroom

In this final phase of Acton's teacher training, you will learn how to clarify expectations with students and structure the experience for your students to make your course a success.

Throughout the process, we will discuss your goals and plans for teaching and how to use the Acton curriculum to fit the type of students and teaching venue in which you will teach. Upon completion of these four phases, you will sign a curriculum license and gain access to the Acton curriculum and other teaching materials.

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An Acton Teacher must be:

  • An entrepreneur who has successful run a company as senior management or advised a company at this level OR
  • A professor dedicated to developing and applying a revolutionary undergraduate or graduate-level curriculum in the field of entrepreneurship; AND
  • Dedicated to teaching students using the Socratic method.

In addition, they must exhibit exceptional character, high ethical standards and a strong work ethic.