A Message to Garcia

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Do people who can't "get it done" frustrate you? Do you long for a way to inject co-workers or employees with courage and perseverance when faced with a challenge? If you've ever felt this way, check out our newest Acton guide, "A Message to Garcia." It's based on a story told to every Marine Corps class in the last 100 years.

"A Message to Garcia" stresses the importance of those who can be trusted to get the job done when time is short and the stakes are high. It teaches that extraordinary opportunities come to those who develop the right attitudes, habits, and instincts to accomplish missions quickly and efficiently, with minimum oversight. We think you'll find this Acton guide perfect for employees, co-workers, friends or anyone struggling with the toughest part of a new assignment: getting started.

"A Message to Garcia" and five other guides can be read in their entirety at Acton Guides:

"A Message to Garcia"

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