Changing the world isn't an easy task. But the mission of The Acton Foundation for Entrepreneurial Excellence (AFEE) is essentially just that: its goal is to revolutionize entrepreneurial education.


The Acton Foundation seeks to equip successful, principled entrepreneurs to effectively inspire, mentor and teach the next generation. Through the passing of wisdom, Acton establishes a legacy of character-driven entrepreneurs who, in turn, have a positive influence on future generations. This chain reaction ultimately strengthens the foundation of the free market and a free society.

Founded by successful entrepreneurs with a calling to teach and a deep belief in the importance of entrepreneurship to America's prosperity and freedom, the Acton Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

Mission Possible
“I love helping people imagine inspiring work that combines their talents, passions, and concerns. I also love helping students learn skills and tools that will help them get where they aspire to go.”

Steven Tomlinson,
Acton School of Business